We will be at the AFSTAL exibition in Nantes from 13 to 15/06/2018 in Reims.

Anesthesia resuscitation Monitoring Imaging Post traitement

About us ?

Our company was established under the name MINERVE Medical in 1953, and since then it has stuck to its original vocation of designing, manufacturing and distributing medical equipment....  Learn more.

Research & Development

Recherche bio-biomedicalAs part of our drive to continuously adapt to the changing field of bio-medical research, our design office integrates the most advanced technological solutions in full compliance with safety standards ... Learn more

Technical imaging cells



The Technical Imaging Cells are designed to allow for successive medical examinations on the same anaesthetised animal using several distinct platforms... Learn more

New catalog 2016 !


Our new catolog 2016 is avaible, you can now download it...

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