Cellule_technique_imagerieIMAGING CELLS


module_anesthesie_compact_irmIMAGING CELLS

The Technical Imaging Cells are designed to allow for successive medical examinations on the same anaesthetised animal using several distinct platforms (MRI, X-ray scanner, gamma camera...) in order to merge and analyse all the acquisitions obtained. The equipment is adapted to the size of different animal species and provides stable and reproducible physiological conditions whilst ensuring that the animal’s initial sanitary status is maintained.



The Different Imaging Cells have an instant connection system allowing all circuits, sensors and accessories to be connected. Our cells are universal and our holders are compatible with devices from all major imaging manufacturers (Siemens, Trifoil, Sedecal, MILabs, Bruker, MRSolutions, GE, Philips…). Temperature is regulated by forcing air through narrow channels integrated into the cell. The shape of the bed associated with the temperature regulation technique allows use of an open cell (if access to animal is required) or closed cell (SPF application).


Cellule_et_antennes_imagerieOur range of Technical Imaging Cells is compatible with most scanners on the market. These cells help to maintain the animal in a state of monitored and regular anaesthesia, ensuring good acquisition through a very precise positioning and containment system (graduated marks). Regulation of the animal’s body temperature is also ensured, as is insulation from the external environment. You can monitor respiratory rate, ECG and temperature if paired with our Physioguard II monitoring system.